As an independent asset manager free of any conflicts of interest we specialise in finding attractive properties or portfolios. Our purchases are often “off market” as we have spent many years seeking to be desirable and reliable purchasers who deal with vendors in a straightforward and honest manner.

Our approach is income orientated based on our experience that over the long term, income is the predominant driver of property investment returns.

We see value in the good secondary or active value sector of the market at a time when the herd are focused on prime / defensive stock.  The pricing of which, we believe, is bid down to unattractive levels (click here to view chart).

We particularly focus on the under researched £3-£20m lot size range where yields are typically 70 to 140bps higher than for equivalent larger properties (click here to view a chart).

Adding Value

For Active Value Capital, adding value is about utilising our extensive network of contacts to find the most attractive deals, then carefully managing our due diligence process to reduce the risk, inherent in property investment.

We are not tied to any one broker, lawyer or professional but work with “best in breed” local experts with whom we have established relationships, to source and manage our properties.

The Active Value Team are hands-on experienced asset managers and have a track record of adding value through active management. Visit our track-record page to view some asset management examples/case studies.

Asset Management

We have a strong track record in the delivery of value enhancing asset management which is based on careful initial stock selection.

Our expertise runs through from purchase to successful sale, visit our case studies page to view a small selection of examples.